10 comments on “A Writer at His Desk Drinking Coffee

  1. Unlike other old sitcoms, I still watch Seinfeld reruns from time to time. Maybe it seems a little dated now but not all that much. It is still very relevant and the actors all seem like they are having a blast doing it. Everyone is having a good time, the actors and the viewers!

  2. That slowed down theme song is a little too creepy early in the morning. Maybe later.

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m older, ‘J,’ but I don’t think Sarah Silverman is funny. I wish Jerry would have picked a better first guest.

  4. I enjoy Seinfeld’s web show. It is funny, easy to take and I don’t have to invest a bunch of time watching it. I’m glad it is back!

  5. If saying disgustingly shocking things is funny, then Sarah Silverman deserves an award.

  6. I think it is a shame that Jerry Seinfeld allows bad language on his new internet show. On his old show, it did not find that necessary to be funny. He didn’t need it. When times moves on it does not always get better does it?

  7. You may be a bigger Jerry Seinfeld fan than I am but I’m right behind you. I got all of his sitcom shows on DVD and even the blooper real. I think the web series is great.

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