6 comments on “Senior Services of Northern Kentucky Not Serving Seniors Well With Their Messy Property

  1. I’ve walked by this building recently and also noticed all the weeds. I don’t recall this being the case last year with this property. Are they still open?

  2. I live in Covington also and I have noticed how that property has gone downhill since the winter thaw. It almost looks deserted but I don’t think it is. Maybe this will be a wake up call to them.

  3. You sometimes call yourself a stick in the mud. I had to smile when reading this post about you walking with your cane and that mud!

  4. Maybe the muddy sidewalk has something to do with this “act of god” business, like when you shovel your sidewalk to get rid of the snow. If someone falls there after you do it, you can get sued. If you do nothing, you CAN’T get sued. Sounds stupid, I know.

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