15 comments on “Loose Thoughts on Loose Change

  1. It would make sense to make the penny the size of a dime as it would save money on copper. Copper is now worth more than the penny it makes.

  2. Americans are slow to change. I think if you try to rearrange the sizes of our coins and their value, there would be a revolt!

  3. You are, like me, too logical. The dime has always been the underrated “runt” of the change litter. The nickel is too thick, and the penny should just be eliminated. The quarter is just right, and we should probably have more silver (or whatever) dollars available. But solid, logical thinking is too often ignored by impractical thinkers. Don’t lose sleep over any loose change…

  4. No. The penny should not be eliminated. If I have a bill that comes to $4.93, I’m not going to give that store owner or whatever it is a nickel. I want my two cents back.

  5. I have seen some people refuse their change if it is only pennies or even if a nickel is thrown in. I am not proud. I will tell the cashier GIVE IT TO ME! It all spends. I know you have written before about picking up pennies off the sidewalk. I will do it too. Times are hard and I need every cent I can get!

  6. If you are throwing away pennies, then you are a stupid person. If you have money to throw away, throw it my way. I’ll roll it up and take it to the bank.

  7. When I was child, I took advantage of younger children by trading my nickels for their dimes. I am not proud of this. I do penance by picking up loose change off the sidewalk. Since I have started tracking it, in a short time I have collected 79 cents — two, quarters, two dimes, a nickel and four pennies.

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