7 comments on “No More Paper Bags

  1. You got a lot of fast food joints in Covington close to the river. I am glad you are staying away from them.

  2. You might want to get a crock-pot. It’s great for preparing a wide variety of meals, and it slowly cooks and greatly tenderizes anything, including chicken, beef and vegetables. It also involves no clean up when you use the plastic liners made for the pot. It can be the single person’s best kitchen appliance, and you can still keep your low calorie/no grease diet intact. It also does not heat the room, a great advantage in hot weather like we have coming this week.

  3. Before I retired, I would sometimes fix a dish in my crock pot, leave for my work and let the food cook all day. When I got home, the food was good and the house smelled wonderful! I miss those days.

  4. Don’t want to tempt you or anything like that but the new Twinkies arrived today.

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