11 comments on “Detroit City

  1. Covington does have one thing in common with Detroit: They are both poorly run cities. Hint: Covington has no money either.

  2. Detroit, like Cincinnati and Covington, has good parts of town and not so good parts of town. Isn’t it like that in every city?

  3. That’s a great old song. Detroit’s decline and fall is covered well in a fairly recent book, “Detroit”, by one its native sons, Charles Le Duff. It’s a good read on a bad situation.

  4. Can’t help but notice that Bare doesn’t want to go home to “Detroit City.” I wouldn’t either.

  5. I always thought the name of the song was “I Wanta Go Home” but I stand corrected.

  6. thanks tuck, for the book reco. An old (now retired) friend was a social worker in Detroit. Her stories were just so sad.

  7. I like your description of Detroit – dirty and desperate. I think that is about right. I hope that changes to clean and improving in the years ahead.

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