8 comments on “I Don’t Need to Understand Rihanna

  1. Chris Brown is the man who beat her up. He’s a singer too. I didn’t follow the story very much.

  2. I’m coming around to her again as her personal life is becoming less of a sideshow. It’s about the music and not Chris Brown.

  3. I know who is woman is too and I sense she has a lot of drama in her life. I have drama in my life too and I don’t need hers, thank you very much.

  4. This woman has to be foolish to let a lowlife like Chris Brown beat/abuse her and then come back for more. That’s about all anyone needs to know about her and, especially, him.

  5. I fear that Rihanna’s life will have a bad end and the only one she will have to blame is herself.

  6. “The Rihanna and Chris Brown Show” was becoming too much for me and I’ve tuned both out. A shame for me as I enjoyed Rihanna’s music.

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