11 comments on “Good Lord, Look What Kellogg’s has done to my Rice Krispies

  1. If you will notice, most cereal boxes list their sugar content someplace on the front of the box. It is always the first thing I look at when trying a new kind of cereal.

  2. When Kroger remodels that store on Madison Ave. ask them to throw out their sugary cereals. Never hurts to ask!

  3. Neither Cheerios nor Rice Krispies are healthful cereals, even though they’re better than R.K. Treats. If people want healthful cereal, they’re going to have to go with Shredded Wheat or Multi-Chex types. The vast majority of cereals are aimed at kids and thus bad for almost everyone’s general health. But they make tons of bucks for the companies…

  4. No doubt Tuck is correct but I’ve tasted shredded wheat cereal. It is like eating cardboard. Pass.

  5. What are you talking about Tuck? Regular Cheerios is very good for you! It helps lower your cholesterol!

  6. To that healthy cereal you have to add fruit to make it taste better. Might as well buy a box with the sugar already in it.

  7. To those cereal lovers out there. . . a bowl of oatmeal would serve you much better.

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