15 comments on “Do I Really Want to Go There with Anthony Weiner?

  1. Weiner’s “Testing the water” confirmed very quickly that the public wants nothing to do with this jerk. He’ll be out of the race within a week.

  2. I’ve seen that video before. The reading drives home the point that Weiner should not be holding any kind of public office. He’s one sick puppy.

  3. Eliot Spitzer is a pig too but at least he tried to keep his sexual encounters private. Weiner turned to social media. He had to know sooner or later he would be exposed, no pun intended. He’s a whack job. Again, no pun intended.

  4. Some guilty pleasure as I watched Bill and Jane do the reading. Guilty laughter too.

  5. This man is simply a sociopath who cannot control himself. His quick return to his earlier creepy behavior reveals that has serious problems and cannot be trusted. That the citizens of New York might elect him would show them to be beyond fools, but that’s not likely. He needs to just go away and get treatment.

  6. The voters of New York aren’t fools. I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped out already.

  7. The media and especially in New York, are all over him to step down and stop the joke. What was he thinking? Did he really think people would forget all about his penis in only a matter of months?

  8. Any good this man has ever done in public service will forever be overshadowed by his “pics,” It is sad.

  9. Hey, it worked for Jerry Springer! Maybe “The Weiner” can just skip the mayor part and move straight on to hosting a talk show.

  10. “Sexual predator” is a bit much. Weiner’s a weiner but he hasn’t physically hurt anyone. I wouldn’t vote for him but let’s not overstate the case against him.

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