8 comments on “Voices Carry: Apartment Hallway Etiquette

  1. If your neighbors are being loud past 11, this is called disturbing the peace. Call the cops!

  2. Wow, Sandy. He shouldn’t be calling the cops yet. A conversation with his neighbors is the first step.

  3. Sean is right. Calling the police on neighbors will damage that relationship to no end. Have a friendly chat first.

  4. I used to have neighbors who seemed like they LIVED in the hallway. I put up with it for a month or so and then we had a conversation about it. Sometimes, you simply have to make people see how their actions or behavior or affecting others. You shouldn’t have to but the world is full of should nots.

  5. Before I got married, I lived in apartments for about fifteen years, and I had good neighbors who recognized hallway etiquette. We would greet each other nicely, maybe have a very short conversation at a reasonable level, then go on with our lives. Prolonged loud talking in the hallway, especially after 10:00 p.m., shouldn’t happen. Mentioning this in passing to the offending parties should do the trick. I wouldn’t shoot ’em, though.

  6. I am having the same problem here where I live. In fact this floor in this building is bad, where I have lived I never had this problem. One man was standing outside my apartment door when I opened it. He wasn’t threatening, but he was close and he startled me. when I brought it to the management office attention, they were going to send out an anonymous notice about being quiet in the common areas. I opted for not doing that (stupidly) as I felt they wouldn’t be quiet. I did this after speaking to the care taker, as He said that this man was trying to be my friend and they are friendly on this floor. so no support there at all!

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