13 comments on “Confessions of a Reporter

  1. A reporter needs to be respected. How can you respect her when she’s writing crap on a blog?

  2. I actually do agree with RN that this “reporter” is a hot mess, but reporters don’t fall asleep on the job and don’t steal. Based on the links provided and if this is all true, she needs to get out of the news business. She has BECOME the news and not in a good way.

  3. Shea has no respect for others and even worse has no respect for herself. She is a very sad human being.

  4. When reporters reveal these personal actions/opinions, they lose all objectivity and credibility. This woman is another in a long line of attention seekers, displaying her neediness through revealing too much unwanted info. From politicians to athletes to actors, the American public is getting way too much from too many ignorant, immature and just plain stupid attention mongers.

  5. In this economy, reporting jobs have got to be hard to find. This little kid got the opportunity and blew it. What an ass and I’m not talking about her rear end.

  6. The woman wants to be a star and not a reporter and, in turn, she is neither. Being a waitress at Waffle House is probably next on her successful career.

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