8 comments on “Dead or Alive

  1. I always enjoy your City Beat columns but this one was a standout! Like Stan, I’m glad it came to a happy ending. I can just see you and Mr. Mcnabb sitting on that bench!

  2. I think the story is funny but I’m a little turned off that you called Holly a “Nutcase.” You don’t know her history or what’s going on with her. You’re judging her.

  3. Sandy,
    When someone says a person is dead when they are actually alive, the world nutcase does come to mind.

  4. If someone is a nutcase and Holly clearly is, then they are a NUTCASE. I’m so tired of people being sensitive to certain words. Say it the way it is.

  5. This had me rolling. I wish I could have been there at Walgreen’s when you ran into Mr. McNabb. I bet the expression on your face was priceless!

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