19 comments on “Pit Bulls

  1. I think people think it is cool to own a pitt bull but then they find out training and a lot of work is involved with them. That’s why the pound is filling up with them.

  2. There is a reason why these dogs were banned in the first place. A lot of them are mean and vircous. Would you want your kids around a pittbull?

  3. I’m with Erin on this one. I don’t have to walk my cat or worry about it biting someone. I would with a pit bull.

  4. It is all about training and loving them and teaching them to be loving. My daughter and her husband have two and they are as sweet as they can be. Just like kids, it all about how they are raised and there are other dogs out there than bite. Pit bulls are not the only ones. Educate yourself!

  5. If more people read about them, such as the article Karen linked to, they would know what they are getting into by owning a pit bull. I for one would not have the patience.

  6. It seems to me the people with the pit bulls are the ones who are uneducated in general. The word “hillbilly” comes to mine.

  7. JR, you can call me a hillbilly who has a four year degree and who owns a pit bull. You don’t know anything.

  8. Of course, it is all in how you raise the pit bull, just like any other dog and yes, it is about education and more importantly, COMMON SENSE!

  9. I have heard that when some pit bulls attack you and bite you, they don’t want to let go and will hold on until you are dead. Doesn’t sound like man’s best friend to me.

  10. Education when it comes to types of dogs is enlightening, but some people don’t want to be. That’s why those animal shelters are filling up with pit bulls.

  11. For everyone who mentioned leaving cats, etc with Pit Bulls … a Jack Russell Terrier is just as likely to kill the cat. Every Terrier breed has been used for some form of hunting. Jack Russell’s were used to find and kill rats. Hell, Dachshunds were used for Badger hunting.

    Pit Bulls were originally “nanny” dogs and renowned for their protection and care of children. ANY dog is dangerous if not properly trained. In fact, in the five years I’ve owned my Pit Bulls both times there was a problem it was the other dog attacking mine. The first was a Yorkshire Terrier who attacked my dog by biting his face, the second was a German Shepherd. In both cases, my dog came away bloody and damaged while he refrained from fighting back.

    It’s all in the training. If you’re not willing to invest in taking care of a Pit Bull’s need for exercise and discipline don’t get them, but don’t blame the dog, it’s the owner’s fault.

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