12 comments on “Bikes and Sidewalks

  1. Yes. You are right about the bikes being ridden on the sidewalks. It has become so commonplace over here I don’t even think about it!

  2. You got a lot of idiots over there especially around that Walgreens store. Cops are probably overwhelmed by all the fools and just look the other way.

  3. Cops in Covington are too busy rounding up the hookers. No time for those bike riders.

  4. There’s very little foot traffic in Covington. Those bikers have more room on the sidewalks than on the streets.

  5. I bet you these people riding their bikes on the sidewalk aren’t wearing helmets either. These jerks give the rest of us bikers who actually have some sense a bad name. The cops over there should be writing them up instead of checking out the ladies on the street corners.

  6. I dunno. My left handlebar got clipped by some driver’s passenger side mirror knocking me down on High street here in Columbus. Her mirror busted and I had some nasty scrapes, and the handlebars were bent. If I hadn’t got up immediately, who knows what the car behind her woulda done to me. This is why I have no problem with riding on the sidewalk as long as the rider defers to pedestrians and is aware of the surroundings. Just my 2 cents.

  7. What are sidewalks made for? For people to walk on, to get from point a to point b. Unless your pulling a baby carriage, keep your wheels on the road.

  8. The “Bike Law Link” is generic and does not apply to Covington, KY. In fact Kentucky allows bikes to be ridden at walking speed. Local laws can differ, but I found no indication that Covington has such laws,or a helmet law. If you try to educate others get the facts first.

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