9 comments on “They’re in the Money

  1. Cowell is a joke but apparently everyone goes along with it. $95 million? There should be a law.

  2. None of these people make any difference in my life at all. If the entertainment industry is silly enough to paid them all this money, then so be it, but It shows what a shallow world we live in and how out of whack it is.

  3. Its a free country, folks. If these people can get this kind of money more power to them.

  4. I read some where that Simon says if these talent shows don’t produce a star then they are nothing but game shows. So far that is what his show is. Put up or shut up Simon!

  5. The only person on your list who might be somewhat deserving of the outrageous money is Judge Judy. At least she has an education and the long experience as a family court judge to give her some credibility. The rest are simply famous for being famous, and “Dr.” Phil was made a celebrity by Oprah. They are all ridiculously overpaid, and I hope some of them give a lot of it back–but I doubt it.
    But as Stan says, this is America, and people can get what others are willing to pay. It shows just how much commercial tv pays off.

  6. I agree with most of what Tuck says, especially his comments about Judge Judy.

    I know her program is considered a reality show but there is little B.S. on it. Kids going to law school watch her show because it truly is educational, so she does have credibility. Plus, she is entertaining. That’s why she has stayed on so long and why young and old watch her. Power to Judge Judy!

  7. Say want you want about Simon Cowell, but he does know the market when it comes to music. One Direction was on the X-Factor in the UK and look where that group is today because of his backing. Yeah, they suck, but they sell millions of CDs. Once again, he knows the market. Give the guy is due.

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