15 comments on “I’ll Be Damn—There She Was

  1. Those City Commissioners would like you to go away. No, no, no. Hold their feet to the fire.

  2. To my way of thinking, Madison Ave. seems to be the big issue in Covington. Walk down Scott Blvd. sometime. It is much cleaner and you don’t see the ladies there.

  3. There is a restaurant that has reopened across the street from City Hall in Covington. Around lunch time, I see one of the workers standing on the sidewalk trying to get people to come in and try it out. It is sad because there is so little sidewalk traffic. I feel bad for any new business trying to make it in Covington.

  4. The ladies will be around that new Walgreen’s AND at the old bus stop. They have to keep moving because of the cops.

  5. Wheeler, I think it’s a good sign that at least new businesses are trying to give it a go in downtown Covington. Why don’t you go into that new restaurant and get some lunch?

  6. Dick’s Liquor on Scott is the dirtiest area of Covington I have ever seen. Do they ever clean their sidewalk? Never.

  7. People in Covington, you included, act like having prostitutes is a new thing. Hell, they have been there for decades.

  8. One more thing and I think I’ve said this before. If there where more tity bars in Covington like twenty years ago there would be less whores on the street.

  9. You sir are correct some of the city fathers., only want you to see certain things and ignore the others. All I want is the job of doorman. At the new hotel on Madison so I can wave in. The ladies of the night

  10. i personally know most every girl on the stroll from the marathon on pike to walgreens cause i used to walk a girl down there named jen all the johns new me too prostitution is not the problem heroin is bein a former junkie thats hung with alot of these young girls down there if they werent strung out on dope n crack they wouldnt be there!!!!

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