8 comments on “25 Years Ago

  1. Larry, we ALL looked younger 25 years ago! Your little boy is so cute. Guess he isn’t little now!

  2. I lived in Colerain Township back in the 90’s and stayed there for two years. I could not wait to move. I hated the traffic. Felt like I lived in my car simply trying to get from one place to another. I do not miss it at all.

  3. You’re right–nothing stays the same. If only the extreme right-wingers could start thinking this way.

  4. I have no desire to ever visit Colerain Avenue again and I bet you don’t either. What a mess that road is.

  5. Tuck – the extreme right-wingers are going to stay that way and it is sad. I miss having a two party system and we just don’t anymore. Reasonable people look at those on the right now and see too many idiots. Good for the Dems, but bad for the country.

  6. Sean,
    I agree. We need two strong parties dedicated to the good of the citizens, but the Republicans are constantly shooting themselves in the foot after inserting said foot in their mouths. At the rate they’re going, they could become obsolete fairly soon, and more cranky old white men are dying every day.

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