64 comments on “Reality in Downtown Covington, Kentucky

  1. Larry, You really shouldn’t let yourself be take in by that sociopath, Richard Hines. You’ll lose more readership than just this person. Your narrow perspective is now rendered to a pinpoint.

  2. If this Richard Hines is the one behind the Covington News page, then I say good for him. In reading the website and also their Facebook page, it appears they simply report the facts, just like what Gross says here. If Hines is a sociopath, it sure doesn’t come across in his work.

  3. Recovering that money would go a long ways in cleaning up those sidewalks that you keep writing about. Keep pounding away, Larry.

  4. If you look back on the Covington News Facebook page a week or so ago, you will see a heated discussion where Mr. Hines repeatedly calls his page a social media site. In fact, he belittles a poster who is critical of his views for not understanding his site is social media. In other places he calls it a news site. It seems he wants to have his feet in both worlds. Actually there is very little, if any, original reporting there. He just lifts information from other people and sites. Then, his band of merry men and women add their (usually uninformed and quite often laughable) opinions. I have never seen anything that defines a “Mutual Admirartion Society” as well as this Facebook page.

    For my money, if you want real news, stick with the Enquirer. And an upstart called The River City News. They actually report, and analyze, the news instead of whipping up the masses into an uproar. But if you are a drama queen and love a feeding frenzy, then the Covington News is definitely your cup of tea! I know it provides me with unending entertainment over my morning cup of coffee.

    Any reasonable, intelligent reader will quickly see that the Covington News is just a tool and front for a couple of commissioners who can’t gain traction anywhere else, because all they seem to be able to say is “No” without offering any concrete plans themselves, probably Tea Party Republicans. The only real reporting done on the Bob Due story was about the rally/petition-signing in Goebel Park, an “event” that drew less than a dozen people, most of them regular posters on their site, and self-proclaimed community activists. In this case, it seems that the “News” was trying to make news instead of just reporting it. Shame.

    Pierre, if that is his name, is correct. Aligning yourself with this site/person is only going to destroy any credibility you might have with your readers.

  5. Hines is a SOCIOPATH for reporting the news? Pierre, clearly you have a personal beef with this guy. Don’t worry about it Larry. I’ll keep reading you.

  6. I think Lee makes some interesting points, but I always read the Covington News. In a lot of ways, it is no different than the Huffington Post who also “lifts” stories from other publications. It’s entertaining. As far as this Covington theft business, it is what it is. Money has been stolen and it needs to be accounted for and also needs to be reported to the public. The Covington News and other media sources are doing that, plain and simple.

  7. Actually folks, our breaking news and exclusives are our own because of our extensive network of sources. That’s why politicians are angry with THE COVINGTON NEWS. Why would they be angry with us if it’s coming from somewhere else? Most of the breaking news in Covington is broken by the Covington News, and we’re proud of that. If you haven’t been to the Facebook page, please join 8,500 people who do … Covington’s largest news source, the only true and independent news source in town.

  8. I can’t dispute anything that Gross is saying here. If you live in downtown Covington like I do you will see the dirty sidewalks, the hookers, the drug addicts and all the rest. That is the reality and no we don’t trust our government and we don’t trust commissioner Frank or the rest of them. They line their pockets with our money and I’m glad they are getting caught at it. I don’t care who the hell reports it as long as the truth comes out.

  9. If Covington News is a legitimate news source, why have so many average citizens been banned for having dissenting opinions or associations with enemies of the partisan page? I’m guessing it’s in the hundreds, at least. What does Covington News have to fear, other than facts? Stay in Covington a little longer and you’ll find the connections between all the hidden players and agendas.

  10. Yes Mr. Frank, I mean, Lee. Only 24 people showed up on short notice at the park. I do remember that the city put out a call for volunteers to access the damage of flooding that incurred in part because the City Manager ignored a request by SD1 to clear the sewer covers from debris.

    Anyway, inspite of extensive publicity in the daily paper, the TV stations, urgning by politicians … only 12 people showed up and most of them were associated with the city.

    Anyway, people will not participate in petition drives unless they are personally affected. It goes to what Mr. Gross wrote about people not wanting to be involved. Petition drives are more successful when they go to the people inside of waiting for people to go to them.

    Anyway, it made the a good points, got extensive publicity and caused the State Auditor to get involved.

    And as far as THE COVINGTON NEWS associated with Commissioners Rains and Williams. I have never personally met. I try to keep at arms length with politicians. We did agree with their efforts to get to the bottom of the city’s operations and bookkeeping, which they have been doing for months … and have been ridiculed and belittled for doing so.

  11. Living and raising kids in Covington, I hope for more. I can’t believe that Bob Due is stealing from our children and you all are bickering over politics and pointing fingers. GROW UP!!!! focus all that angry at Bob Due and Commissioner Steve Frank. Help build a better place for our children and our families. The streets are filled with drugs and trash, corners over run by prostitutes, homeless sleeping here and there and nothing productive for our children to do. Can we have something positive and constructive for our children so they aren’t out running in these streets being exposed to all these adult negative influences?

  12. Bee, Yes, the Covington News is on Facebook. So are all the major television networks, all the newspapers and so on. Your argument doesn’t hold any water at all.

  13. Yes, Covington News is a social media news page. See the Facebook- generated description at the top of page. “News/Media Website”

    Anyway, I’ll try to slow down to avoid all those typos/grammar errors in the previous post. The other site that someone mentioned … the editor sits on a city board, is/was financed by a politician and has been seeking more funding from politicians, and has done work for city-related agencies. We stay clear of that. That’s why we call COVINGTON NEWS the city’s only true and independent news source. 8,500 readers.

  14. I’ll try to slow down to avoid all those typos/grammar errors in the previous post. Like all sites that have comments, some people must be banned. It happens, i’ve just looked at the ban list: 21 people of 8,500 likes have been banned. That’s all.

  15. Funny, that a couple people are complaining about COVINGTON NEWS being on Facebook. I do recall that the last president campaign (Obama/Romney) was waged on social media, both Facebook and Twiitter.

  16. Actually I find it amusing that Larry is on Facebook. This is a guy who longs for his typewriter 🙂

  17. For the record, I run a business in the MainStrasse area. Being curious, I walked over to the “rally” site. I was there the whole time, watching from a distance. Never at any time were there 24 people, unless one counts the reporters who left without a real story, and even with them 24 is still twice the number I counted. Heck, even Channel 19 had to add filler to make it a real story.

    Oh, and the two commissioners that were mentioned by name can not be accused of trying to get to the bottom of anything. They are, and always, will be the shame of this city. The fact they got elected is a curse on Covington.

    Oh, and I’m not Mr. Frank, Mr. Hines. After all, I’m not posting this on Facebook after a few drinks. Lol

  18. It was short notice, and petition drives are difficult unless you go to the people instead of waiting for them to come to you. There is a feel in the city that the Auditor should come to town. So you’re argument is moot. The petition brought attention to that need, with hundreds of thousands watching the reports on TV.

    Who are you then, “Lee,” why do you fear not giving your name?

  19. I would wager nearly every citizen of Covington wants the State Auditor to come to town to dissect what’s been going on with the city’s Finances. However, only a handful of people want it to be a political witch hunt. There is no excuse for the “petition” that was assembled. It was for a photo/video op to score points in the Good Ol’ Boy Battle of Covington

  20. I would suggest to all of you pointing fingers here to go and read Carma’s comment. She’s making more sense than any of you!

  21. Rob… Amen… a dispassionate reading of that petition reveals strong political motivations. It was reckless, maybe even criminal, to implicate commissioners and others of collusion in Mr. Due’s crimes (I guess I should say alleged crimes, but thankfully I am not a reporter). That petition was poorly worded and bordered in a few places on libel. It is good to note that our leaders wisely chose to ignore the thinly-veiled accusations. It is one thing to allege incompetence. It is quite another to allege conspiracy, especially without any concrete facts. Innuendo has no place in petitions or reporting, period.

  22. Nobody wants it to be a witchhunt, Mr. Rob Farrell. People want an independent investigation. When you have Commissioner Frank repeatedly assuring people over the past two years that the books and expenditures have been carefully looked at; when you have two Commissioners (Rains, Williams) repeatedly being blocked from getting information; and when you recently had a majority of the Commission refusing to go along with a formal resolution requesting the Auditor … then yes, things have to be looked into.

  23. Lee (why won’t you identify yourself?), duh, Commissioner Rains and Williams are politicians.

  24. Erin, I couldn’t agree more! But it is probably better to let these people get it out of their system and it has been interesting reading.

  25. Steve Frank certainly deserves much of the embarassment headed his way and so does the Mayor, wherever she might be hiding. Has she commented yet? That petition was a joke on all fronts and can not be defended. Were there attempts to block Ms. Rains attempts at uncovering the fraud in 09 or 10? The Auditor’s Office was on the record saying that they were ready to come in if requested by citizens (and they were). They will be here soon. A resolution is/was unnecessary, per the State Auditor’s office. Thanks for spelling my name correctly.

  26. I love the fact that you keep talking about the dirty sidewalks of Covington. It is totally true and they need to be cleaned up. Those city commissioners need to take a walk up and down Madison Avenue with their heads down looking at the sidewalk. It is disgusting!!!

  27. Sure, we also link to other sites and make sure that the link is obvious unlike the compromised blogger who does rewrites of others, like the item about NuVo which the Enquirer broke on August 26th or the Trinity Church event which was a church press release.

  28. Covington use to be a great place to be, but now a days I wouldn’t walk down the street past mid-night, The Cops or the ppl in the public eye don’t care about the everyday ppl all they care about is lining their pockets or turning their backs, Ive lived in Covington almost my whole life and there are never any good changes just bad ones..

  29. I don’t agree with you very often but when it comes to the politics in Covington Kentucky you have nailed it dead on. All of those city commissioners need to be booted out and the city needs to start over. What is happening at City Hall is a disgrace.

  30. Covington City Hall has been a disgrace for decades. Most of us who grew up here have seen it going on our whole lives and have heard the wonderful stories of secret deals, kickbacks, retribution, rewards, etc.. I think what most people hope for is that the Auditor’s investigation will help clear out as many crooked individuals as possible and usher in new blood and a new way of doing business in the city. I think what we have to worry about now is trading one of group of crooks for another group of crooks.

  31. Well written Mr. Gross. You are “Dead On” with your description of the situation. Apathy is rampant among the citizens because they feel there is nothing that can be done with the current administration. It’s the arrogance of the “middle school cliche” mentality shown by larry and “The Three” that is sickening. An example is a sitting commissioner actually contacting you and telling you that you shouldn’t affiliate yourself with certain web sites. Oh, the arrogance……..

  32. Maybe you’re not living the dream but you are living in downtown Covington and you know what you’re talking about. I lived there a few years ago and your descriptions of the area and the people are correct. Always speak the truth, my friend.

  33. I am the poster that commented on Covington News that Lee was speaking of. I made a comment (which was my second of such) that the page was turning into gossip of one woman and that if you have exclusive stories great, but it is not necessary to go out of your way to note that you were 3 minutes faster than another source. I did not personally attack anyone, but was accused of doing so. you’ll have to take my word for it as my comment was deleted and I was banned from commenting. I have found since that I’m one of very many. Essentially if your views don’t fall in line with Richard Hines, your comments are not welcome. Or if you mention anywhere that you read River City News. Richard Hines LOATHES RCN and he makes it well known publicly and privately. Can you imagine WCPO banning you from their Facebook page because you disagreed with them?

    Steve Frank is a constant source of embarrassment to Covington and has boasted that he can do whatever he wants and get elected and guess what? That’s the unfortunate truth…

    However, I’d rather vote for Steve Frank than go to Covington News for my info.

  34. endcorporalpunishmenttinky, i know the woman you are talking about on that facebook page and i agree with you that it is turning into a gossip rag.

  35. Mr. Hines of Covington News also runs a website called Russell Street news (though he has recently moved off the street), which is a litany of negative comments on the city and certain neighbors that he is is obsessed with. Look at that website and you’ll get an idea of the real person behind Cov. News. The site does a nice job of posting old pictures and creating nostalgia for the good ol’ days, but when it ventures into politics, its editor has some clear biases. Mr. Frank was a frequent contributor to the site until he finally challenged/contradicted Hines and at that time was booted off. Mr. Hines’s disrespectful slurs at city officials (aside from the 2 that he likes, for some crazy reason) don’t belong on a “news ” page. Ranting is not only allowed but encouraged. I for one think it’s people like Hines who are bringing the city down.

  36. Patty, can I have your telephone number or email? I would like to talk about this with you. Could you identify yourself, please? I have discovered one thing and one thing only with Covington — disagree with any politician, then watch out. Just as is happening with Ms Rains and Ms. Williams, just as happened with Mr. Masters and Denny Bowman. Please have the balls to give me your name and at least email, like explain my point of view. Thanks.

  37. BTW, the good news always outnumbers the bad news at COVINGTON NEWS, apparently you just look for bad news, Patty or whomever you are. It’s a news site, there’s going to be bad news and because its on Facebook, there’s also going to be commentary.

  38. endcorporalpunishmentinky: I don’t loathe RCN. I object to the owner kissing up to politicians. I object to him asking money from them. Highly unethical.

  39. The Covington News is really no different than a cable news show which is news mixed with opinion. I don’t have a problem with that.

  40. endcorporalpunishmentinky: have you ever noticed that WCPO never allows references with regard to,say, WLWT or the other stations, and vice versa? That’s out policy as well. So thanks to the 3-4 people here who would like the trash Covington News, wasn’t even a nice try. I’m happy with the 8500 people on my page, happy that it is the leader in breaking news and exclusives by far … and that it is Covington’s only true and independent news source.

  41. Mr. Hines, that’s all well and good, but *I* said nothing of any other news source and you deleted my comment and revoked my commenting privileges. I said that your page has potential but it had turned into “Charlene Dietz said” or you falling all over yourself to post that Covington News was FIRST. Your response was that I was personally attacking someone which is a bold faced lie.

    I believe you that 21 people are BANNED, now tell me how many people have had their posting privileges revoked. Or how many comments you’ve deleted.

  42. Lastly, we *should* be focused on Frank. We should be focused on the whole City commission. Not Michael Monks or Richard Hines obsession with him.

    I have expressed my disgust with Frank multiple times. I’m disgusted with all of them that this went on for 7+ years.

  43. Who are you, endcorporalpunishmentinky? Since you are publicly complaining about being banned, give me your real name. I’ll try to recall what happened.

  44. My name is Jennifer. I’ve already spelled out exactly what happened several times. I do not wish to be able to comment and have already unliked your page. I’ll get my news from the “compromised blogger”.

  45. How does he get elected? Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney, who had an online argument with Frank, wrote it was because of the number of campaign signs posted.

  46. The compormised blogger did rush over to Commissioner Frank’s Facebook page to whine about Covington News, Jennifer Hack, but still hasn’t denied it. Running to Frank pretty says it all. We stay arms length from polticians at all times.

  47. I don’t know anything about this Richard guy or this compromised blogger person but at least with Gross it doesn’t appear he is deleting any comments here. Some of them I wish he would.

  48. Richard Hines is an absolute sociopath. Avoid him at all costs, and for heaven sakes, those of you he asked for real names and phone numbers from……..don’t do it unless you want to be harassed and stalked on line. He is a scary person.

  49. We need new leadership. We need positive leadership. We need someone who will listen when citizens have concerns and will pay attention to those issues. Over a million dollars is missing and what was the mayor doing while this was happening?? Oh yes, she was busy replacing the sidewalk in front of City Hall because she didn’t like the color. Meanwhile, back in the “Good Ol’ Boys Club”, a million dollars of the taxpayers money was being taken while she focused on pretty colors and trees. She was turning her head while innocent people were being killed over drugs, prostitutes roamed less than a block from her office and the homeless were still being ignored. I don’t blame her completely…but if you want positive results, you have to set a positive example.

  50. Sir may I say you nailed it. Financial elitism at its worst in city hall. As the esteemed Mayor is fond of saying if your comments are not to her liking. My three minutes are up.

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