22 comments on “Commenting on the Comments

  1. Agreed, it was strange. If it wasn’t such a serious subject, all that finger pointing would have been amusing!

  2. I thought it was more interesting than strange. You hit a nerve and apparently this Covington News site also hits a nerve. As you say in this article if you can get people to respond then the job has been done.

  3. The article was very good but alot of the comments were down right nasty. I didn’t like them.

  4. The tone here is usually very cordial, but that wasn’t the case on Tuesday with that Covington post. Some of the comments had merit while a lot of them didn’t. As you said, there was a lot of finger pointing which is never very pretty. I’m going to call last Tuesday a “change of pace,” but like others who visit here, I like the nicer approach and in that regard, sometimes being a smaller blog is better than being a large one. I wouldn’t change too much here.

  5. The environment in Covington is extremely tense. But in this case, on Larry’s most excellent blog, it was three people angry that they were banned from The Covington News, which has banned 21 people out of 8500+ likers.

  6. For the record I thought most of those comments on Tuesday were a hoot! I felt like I was back in the 5th grade!

  7. I notice that Richard Hines took the link down referencing your blog, Typical. He can’t stand any opposition to his bullshit.

  8. If you go to any of these national blogs, there is nastiness all around. I stay clear of them. Karen says that Tuesday was like a runaway train and I agree with that, but it doesn’t happen here very often and I’m glad. I like the kinder, gentler approach here — except for that damn picture of you and your extended middle finger 😉

  9. Just proves the poster must take the responsibility of getting his or her facts straight before commenting. Journalism 101. I’m gonna take a loooong bike ride and see what happens while I’m gone. Now, that’s entertainment!

  10. Arguing politics or religion is something most of our parents warned us about. I’m staying out of this one and hoping we can get back to our just slightly edgy, comfortable little blog.

  11. You are an odd duck, Mr. Gross. Don’t you want your blog to have traffic? Do you want to stay small forever/

  12. I want to mention that I appreciate the fact that you have never junked up this blog with a bunch of advertising. You push your books, sure, but it is nice not to have to look at Google ads or trash like it.

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