9 comments on “Saturday Nights and Must See TV

  1. I don’t know if you ever watch “Hot in Cleveland,” but all the girls on Mary’s old show did a bit of a reunion there. I think it was last week. I watched some clips from it, nice to see them all together again. Of course the writing on this new show doesn’t compare to Mary’s old show. You’re right. It was indeed a classic.

  2. This great bit from the past runs a bit over four minutes. Many of today’s viewers simply lack attention spans long enough to appreciate the subtlety of even a short clip, but the performance builds, perfectly combining the ridiculous and sublime. It was also great writing.

  3. Mary’s show was a little before my time but I think I’ve watched every rerun. As far as I’m concerned, this show led the way for progressive women everywhere. Long live Mary Richards!

  4. True confession: on Saturday nights back in the day, a bottle of Taylor Tawny Port and I was good to watch All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore and MASH. After that a little Pink Floyd on the STEREO (remember those?) and I was out. Wonderful clip. Thanks for the memory.

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