17 comments on “The Sidewalks of Downtown Covington

  1. Look in Mr. Due’s pockets. I think you will find some money in them to clean up those sidewalks.

  2. In the photo, is that the bus bench in front of Walgreen’s, the one you keep talking about in your stories? It very well could be. The trash and cigarette butts around that bench is apaling, always is. Can’t Walgreen’s clean it up? They take no pride in their building at all!

  3. I’m not understanding the city’s logic with the sidewalks they are replacing and the ones they are not. That sidewalk almost across the street from the library and around the bus stop is in awful shape. You almost can’t even walk on it. Still not repaired or replaced.

  4. Scott Blvd. isn’t too dirty except when you get to that liquor store around 5th. You almost need a shovel to get rid of the cigarette butts.

  5. I think the City of Covington at some point will make a comeback but not until the people running it are kicked out. It is finally coming to light just how bad the city is run — crooks and cheats in suits and telling lies to the people who live there. Get rid of them, get good people in their place and the City of Covington will see a mass improvement.

  6. Here’s my thought….. Why is it that everyone is always saying the city needs to do this and the city needs to do that… if you see liter why not take the bull by the horns and pick it up yourself? Also those store fronts need to take pride in their business and clean up around their store fronts. They always have people wasting time and standing around.. why not sweep in front of your store if you have time to kill… We as citizens, residents, and business owners have to take the initiative to clean up ourselves.. quit bitching about it and do it yourself!

  7. As far as the litter goes, the Urban Partnership’s pilot program (called Clean and Safe) addressed much of the problem in the Madison Avenue corridor. Those people in the neon shirts were not city employees, they were hired by the Urban Partnership to give the community an example of what services would be offered when the BID is created (Business Improvement District). With the creation of the new BID, the Clean and Safe program will return and litter will be removed (as well as instances of graffiti, etc.), not to mention other services. During the pilot program, over 80,000 pounds of litter were removed from the streets of Covington. Check out the other stats at their website: http://www.covingtonup.com

  8. There aer some great suggestions here on the comments field. Yes, we can all do better by ourselves to help make this city clean again, residents and business owners alike. I have stopped counting the number of times I’ve seen someone on the street, opening a pack of cigarettes, only to throw the wrapping and foil onto the street, when within inches of a trash can, same for soda/beer cans, cigaret butts, napkins, diapers, needles, clothing, gum…you name it, it’s been left where it’s dropped. Until we have a little self respect, we’ll be nowhere, until we educate our community, children and visitors we will not accept the behavior……. we are not Cincinnati’s dirty little sister, we’re better than that!

  9. Get the cops on the streets and start passing out tickets for littering. That would stop the problem pretty fast.

  10. I see city employees clean sidewalks all the time but ten mins after they clean it people dirty it up people need to take pride in their self stop blaming city workers

  11. urban partnership was a waste they didn’t dump any thing they put it in city cans and the city empty it you can’t weigh one dust pan of rock trash and gravel and say that’s the weight of every dust pan. (That’s how they did it)

  12. I have been cleaning the streets on the Eastside. From east 12th street to Byrd street from Scott street to Wheeler street and all cross streets in between. In the three weeks I have been doing it I have used approximately 60 garbage bags I supplied myself. The city just gave me 12 bags enough for three or four days. When I first started I was using 6 to 8 bags a day. Now I am using anywhere from 2 to 4 bags a day. The residents are starting to clean in front of their properties. You see if a person doesn’t see any hope of change then they will not attempt change. There is change going on in my neighborhood. Try starting change in yours and others will follow.

  13. We need More Activist! The Fact is “we” have a problem. Some of the comments on here are exaggerated facts. So there is truth. On thing I will say and agree on with Michael is that the change starts at home with “U” and ends with “US”! Positivity is contagious and a tsunami of good thing is headed toward our city but we have to clear the way for them. I stumbled across this blog doing research I believe our time is better spent and more effective not writing and waiting but voicing and acting. The problem is getting worse for “us” and if money is the motive we will never get it clean! To think people pay to litter the city!

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