20 comments on “Downtown Covington and Chicken Bones

  1. I have notice them myself from time to time especially around the bus stops on Madison. As you have stated many times, we need those sidewalk cleaners back. You cannot count on people cleaning up after themselves. How sad is that?

  2. Keep posting on this subject. Covington needs your observations, like it or not. I walked Madison Avenue a few weeks ago (thanks to your prompting). There’s a funky community sense down there, but the trash really gets in the way of finding and seeing the positives.

  3. Covington is getting some new storefronts and some new sidewalks but you wouldn’t know that the city is on the upswing by the trash all over the sidewalks. You DO need to keep pounding away on this and open the eyes of the people running the city!

  4. I’ve lived in Covington for nearly two years and I’m giving up. Moving back to Downtown Cincinnati. There are problems there too but not like Covington. I see the trash on the street, the cigarette butts and yes, I’ve seen the chicken bones too. If you turn off Madison and walk down some of the side streets, you will also see syringes and needles. Couple all this with the hookers and the people begging for money, it is not an enjoyable urban experience. The people who run Covington turn a blind eye to downtown. It is not going to change until its government changes and I have no faith that it ever will. It will be good to be gone.

  5. I like Covington so I am going to stick around. Cleaning out city hall would be a fresh start for the city. I’m going to try and make my vote count next time around.

  6. I love my City Of Covington and I’m know I’m staying around for a while. I own two bussiness in the heart of the City. However, I did see on Tuesday between 8th and 9th street of Madison a dog on the 3rd floor of an apt pee off the pourch onto the people standing outside the store below it. When I honk and got someone’s attention on the 3rd floor she came out half dressed and cussing up a storm. Those are the one we need to get off Madison. 🙂

  7. If many of these people would stop getting free money from the government and have to work for a living they might just take some pride in where they live. Just a thought!!

  8. I agree with Karen. If you work for what you have, you appreciate it more. If everything is given to you, then you tend to bite the hand!

  9. That second comment by a “Karen” is not the same Karen as the first commenter on this thread (me).

  10. McDonalds,Popeyes,whatever,it shouldn’t matter where it comes from,thats not the problem,if ppl would just take a little more Pride in themselves & where they live,work whatever the situation it’d be a cleaner/nicer place but,first off one must take pride in themselves…i mean (a whole different subject)but,geez you cannot even go anywhere near Cov. that someone isn’t harrassing to borrow money or have a gas can & say they ran out of gas can you help w/a $,or a few cigarettes but,yet,most are wearing new desigher shoes,clothes,etc~SERIOUSLY!!??(super bad down @ Little Ceasars plaza,i think they hangout there for handouts)Then you stop @ a light,stopsign,etc.someone comes up to the vehicle & asks your husband(w/you in the car)if you’re up for a goodtime?!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…I say NASTY & needs to find a different way to make $$$~”RESPECT YOURSELF PPL” (because if you don’t noone else will)Don’t get me wrong,there’s good honest ppl who do need a $ here & there but they’re definately not in designer clothing,shoes,etc & not looking for a goodtime(perhaps a bite to eat or a cold pop)…you can tell & Please,do help if you see fit by all means~Do help the ones that need it~You can feel it in your heart~God Bless America.

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