12 comments on “I Don’t Care—Shut the Government Down

  1. Yeah Larry…but now you live in a state with two other embarrassments – Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell.

  2. And during this shutdown, congress will continue to pay themselves. This country is so screwed up!

  3. True, we do have Paul and McConnell in Kentucky to contend with — two grumpy old men out of touch with their state. I am with you, Larry. I cannot stand to read about this stuff anymore. I don’t think our votes count or matter now.

  4. This is all about a black man being in the White House. The republicans will not rest, will not rest until he is gone. It is about hatred and it is sickening!

  5. Boehner is a tan man
    A tan man with no paln
    That much we all can understand
    He’ll stay in office as long as he can
    He needs money to pay for that tan.

    . . . a poet speaks.

  6. @ Will: Brilliant. It took me awhile to figure out “paln” is “plan” but got my two brain cells going, anyway.

  7. There is something about that gif you posted that is making me feel sick. Oh yeah, it’s John Boehner.

  8. I’m an old style republican, don’t know what has happened to my party but I do know that Boehner is a mouthpiece for the tea party people who I don’t consider republican. I consider them nuts.

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