9 comments on ““Welcome to Walgreens!”

  1. That Walgreens in Covington is one of the most annoying stores in the area. If you don’t have a “Balance Rewards Card,” they insist that you sign up immediately to get their so called discounts. The cashier has to do it right then and there, tying up the line. Annoying! Their prices are high too. Save money, go to Wal Mart!

  2. I was beginning to wonder if you noticed this too! The people working there have kind of gotten over being so pushy and the greetings are less now too. Like you, I spend enough money in Walgreens without being asked to spend even more. It was a good article. The truth in it made me laugh!

  3. The phony friendliness in places like Walgreens and Staples turns most customers off. If you can’t fake sincerity, don’t try–it’s too obvious to most people.

  4. I’m like you. When I go into a store I want to get in and out quickly. I pay no attention to fake smiles or friendly greetings that sound fake. I can spot fakeness a mile away!

  5. I stopped going into this store a year ago because of the very things you write about in your story. It no longer gets my money because the management always wanted a little more from me. They lost a good customer.

  6. I would take a bus to Kroger there on Madison. Employees there simply do their job and are friendly enough. They only thing they will ask for is your Kroger Plus card. They won’t try to sell you candy and then say “be well.”

  7. I left their store today and just could not take it anymore. I’m tired of the insincere cacophony of “be well” with every sale and sent them a scathing email. I find their campaign, arrogant, assuming, patronizing, unnatural and annoying. It’s like they have all joined some religious cult and are afraid to miss a beat for fear of being seen as not “getting with the program”, and losing their jobs. A cashier today even seemed offended that I questioned her when asking if it was required of everyone. Guess I messed with her programming. It’s like 1984 meets the Demolition Man. I’m going back to CVS, where the cashiers are not required to act like brainwashed robots. If I want new age screwball positivity, I’ll go see a life coach or watch the O network.

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