14 comments on “Dave Thoughts

  1. I think Jay has a better program than David. David is a little too mean for me at times.

  2. I also am glad Dave will be sticking around for a little while longer. I watch him as I fall asleep each night 🙂

  3. I will also go to You Tube and watch some of Dave’s old “Late Night” shows. He was very funny back then but now he is going through the motions 90% of the time. After 2015, that should be it.

  4. The Colbert Report usually wins out over Dave for me but Dave will always win out over Leno.

  5. Letterman is your father’s talk show host but maybe you have turned into the father.

  6. I loved Dave’s original 12:30 show. mainly for Dave’s antics – running over things with steam rollers, dropping stuff from the tower, and so on. anyone remember Dave in the chips and dip suit? Or as Velcro man?

    Dave has abandoned all of that, except for the top ten list and stupid pet tricks.

    Sigh. He was very funny and very edgy in those early days. Now he’s kind of passe.

    Other talk shows I do love – Bill Moyers and Charlie Rose. But they are less talk shows than talking head shows.

  7. Dave is still the best. He cleverly thinks on his feet and ad-libs with the best of them. Leno reads stale jokes and reminds me of the overrated, but patriotic, Bob Hope. Kimmel is the next good one, but Conan O’Brien is lame. I don’t stay up too late anymore, but I will sometimes watch Dave’s monologue and “Top Ten List.” I use the dvr for later interesting guests or musicians.

  8. I love the fact that Leno will soon be gone and Letterman will still be around. Dave deserved to get the Tonight show. I still think of all that mess. Letterman forever!

  9. Tuck brought up Bob Hope. I remember my parents always watching his tv specials and laughing their asses off. I never laughed once! He wasn’t funny!

  10. I’m amazed as to how many of these talk shows are on the air now. I can’t keep track. When I watch, and I seldom do these days, it is Letterman mostly and never, ever Jay Leno.

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