10 comments on “Do You Read?

  1. At the same time, let’s have some love for the Kenton County Public Library, which is being threatened with severe budget cuts, courtesy of legal action my the local Tea Party nutcases.

  2. This will sound very strange but I started an English degree without even reading books as a past time. I just tended to get good grades for writing. It actually took until the end of my final year until I started taking up reading as a pastime, after almost 3 years of ‘mandatory’ reading. Now I love it, but I did actually have to try and it was only after finding a few books that I really enjoyed that encouraged me to explore others. I have a lot of personal commitments/hobbies which take up a lot of my time so, like you say, I have to make time. I only really read on my 40 minute bus journey to and from work & other ‘idling’ time and actually love commuting for this reason. Consequently I don’t get through as many books as I would like to so I value each one that I read.

  3. Yes, indeed. Much love for the Kenton County Public Library. I don’t know what I would do without this fine library!

  4. Fall and winter are my reading seasons. My garden takes up my time in the spring and summer.

  5. Your readers are not in the 28%. And that’s a good thing. Kudos to the Kenton Co. Library too. I just downloaded three books for the Kindle last night.

  6. I prefer non-fiction, but I sometimes read fiction. What’s important is finding time to read, and I find it every day. Two thoughts, not mine, on the topic:
    1. “The man who will not read is as ignorant as the man who cannot read.”

    2. “No matter how busy you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender to self-chosen ignorance.”

  7. I can’t imagine a day going by without reading. Its one of the few good habits I have in my life!

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