9 comments on “The One Thing That Michele Bachmann and I Have in Common

  1. I agree with you that she is not a bad looking woman at all (well, except for that image you used!) but I can’t stand to hear this woman talk. Stupid is stupid.

  2. Karen,

    That’s an interesting list of predictions! The world should have ended hundreds of years ago!

  3. The thing is if Bachmann had continued to run for president of the United States, she would have gotten quite a few votes. Scary, isn’t it?

  4. Pretty? Yes, I can see that. But as you basically say, then she opens her mouth Bachmann, a religious nut, is poison to our government system. I would say her I.Q. is almost approaching the point of being retarded, yet she has a fan base. Figure that. She will fairly soon no longer be in office. Thank a make believe god for small favors.

  5. If indeed these are the “end times,” at least we won’t have to put up with Bachmann anymore…

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