8 comments on “Following the TeeVee News

  1. Oh yeah. You should be watching “Homeland.” With “Breaking Bad” over with, that’s the best show on “teevee” right now 🙂

  2. Does anybody sit down at a television set these days and watch a show when it actually comes on a network? I doubt it. Binge watching is the new best thing and thank god Netflix is around. I’m gonna start watching “Mad Men” this week.

  3. As Newton Minnow said many years ago, “TV is a vast wasteland,” and it remains much so today. I’ve quit watching most news and watch series and movies from Netflix. And I would rather read most of the time while listening to good music.

  4. Tuck, so much of the time, I love your comments. You always make sense. I wanted you to know that.

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