10 comments on “Planning for Winter but Enjoying the Fall

  1. I found myself outside a lot too this weekend enjoying that beautiful weather. My daughter and her husband and kids stayed inside to watch football. For me there will be plenty of time for that in the winter. I enjoyed that sunshine and warm air!

  2. I do not handle winters well anymore so most of my time will be spent with my kids who all live in Florida. I am a blue hair down there in the winter!

  3. Those blue haired people in Florida is enough to make me not want to go there. Besides, I enjoy the change of seasons.

  4. If this coming winter is like the last few in the area, I don’t think you have to worry about being snowed in. I hope for another light snow winter.

  5. Fall is my favorite season–warm enough in the afternoon to enjoy anything outdoors, and cool nights for good sleeping with open windows. The deeper sky blue and the trees’ blend of gold, green and red, along with the clear brilliant evening moon and stars tops the other seasons and is the easiest to enjoy.

  6. I also love the fall and is also my favorite season followed by my least favorite which is winter. I hope it is a mild one, Larry. I don’t want you falling down on ice.

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