19 comments on “Maybe 2014 Will Finally Be Ronstadt’s Year

  1. When I read that Linda had Parkinson’s I felt really bad about it. She cannot even sing anymore. I agree with you that she deserves his hall of fame honor based on her own musical accomplishments, but I hope she gets in. Regardless of the circumstances, she deserves it.

  2. I don’t want to piss anybody off here, but Ronstadt is more of a cover artist. Most of her hits were done by other singers first. That’s why she’s not in the Hall of Fame or at least not yet.

  3. Agreed. She needs to be there and regardless of the reasons why, 2014 will probably be her year.

  4. That tired critique of her being “just” a cover artist can’t deny her singing talent. As Jade notes, she made many songs her own or even better than the originals. Before her illness, she had one of the great 20th century voices, and she used it to widen American music in many styles, from folk to rock to country to jazz and Hispanic, as well as musical theater in “The Pirates of Penzance.” Joe Cocker is another cover artist who has done pretty well, and both of them are miles beyond a silly band that wore makeup. Ronstadt should have been in the R & R HOF years ago.

  5. Ronstadt is a class act. KISS? Not so much. Maybe I should check to see if Alice Cooper is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but if my chance he is, I don’t think I want to know.

  6. That’s a very silly argument, Brian, about Linda only doing covers of other artists songs. Jade is right and so is Tuck. She turned those songs into her own and in many cases made them better. Your remark is kind of like dismissing Barbra Streisand because she doesn’t write the songs that she sings. You are missing the point as to what music and singing is all about.

  7. In trying to look on the bright side here, at least Weird Al Yankovic is not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

  8. These boys are right. They didn’t always get along, but they are both clear about their admiration for Linda and her contributions to not only their success, but to music in general. There should be no debate about her selection, and has anyone found out if Alice Cooper’s in the HOF? Good heavens, if he is, how in hell can they keep Linda out?

  9. Tuck, this is hard for me to believe but the Alice Cooper band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2011.

  10. Well, I guess old Vincent Fournier, aka Alice Cooper, is better than Kiss, anyway. But it’s still somewhat depressing. Any band that needs props and makeup is not a real band.

  11. The fact that Alice Cooper is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame confirms my thinking that it is political and a joke. Ms. Ronstadt, You might me better off to not be part of this “honor.”

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