15 comments on “Is it Diarrhea Sludge?

  1. If that critic knows what is good for him, he will never show his ugly face in this part of the country again.

  2. His review was more than a little over the top but like you I can take or leave Cincinnati Chili. I have it maybe a couple times a year.

  3. Wow. That guy really did a number of our Cincinnati tradition. Gus is right. Don’t let the sun set on you in Cincinnati.

  4. You do have some diarrhea sludge over on Madison in Covington. Covington Chili. Enter that place at your own risk.

  5. Come on Brian. There is nothing wrong with the food in Covington Chili. However, the place could use a facelift!

  6. I don’t like Cincinnati chili at all, however, I am, also, not a native.
    But to each his own, what do I care what anyone else eats???

  7. Calling it chili is what bothers some critics–it’s not chili in the traditional sense; it’s a spice-flavored meat sauce poured over spaghetti, and because I’m from here, I love every brand/variety of it, but it’s just not chili. Don’t eat it if you don’t care for it, but you can’t deny that a helluva lot of people love it, and it has probably made some of the chili parlor founders and owners millionaires.

  8. Whatever it is, I don’t care for Skyline or Gold Star or any of it. But with that said, I love the chili they serve at Frisch’s. There is nothing better than that on a cold winter day. It warms me right up. It is one of the things that gets me through those cold months here.

  9. 1. Dixie Chili
    2. Gold Star Chili

    Skyline? Meh. Watery and bland.

    I tried Camp Washington Chili once. I wasn’t impressed, but I also agree I should try it again before writing it off.

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