8 comments on “A Fitting Goodbye to the Old Walgreens

  1. I stopped going into Walgreens last week because they had almost nothing in stock and will also stay away from the new location for a few days until, as you say, the dust settles. It will be a madhouse there today!

  2. I don’t know why any of you go to this store. It is much too expensive on almost everything.

  3. ——–and Gus those prices won’t go down opening a brand new store. They will go up and up!

  4. I’m surprised they still let you into the place after that City Beat article you wrote 😉

  5. Oh, Brian, how silly. Do you really think Walgreens is going to turn away anybody who has money? That’s what they care about. Corporate greed is what it’s about and those executives pass that message on to the worker bees. They could care less about what Larry has to say.

  6. Well documented that it is one of the most expensive stores in the country but still people, even you, continue to give it business. I can’t figure some people out.

  7. Larry, I ended up going into the new Walgreens this afternoon. I will of course let you state your own opinion but it looks to me very nice and bigger. Will be curious to see what you think.

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