17 comments on “Larry Gross Goes to Church

  1. I also I’m glad you took the time to take the tour especially with you living so close! It is a very beautiful cathedral. I don’t call it by the full title. You are right as it is a mouthful. I always refer to it as St. Mary’s. Others say the Basilica.

  2. The Pope recently criticized a German Bishop who renovated his home at a cost of $40 million. Makes me wonder how big the collection plates are in German Catholic cathedrals. Ridiculous.

  3. Your probably joking around about subletting your apartment but my aunt goes to The Basilica every Sunday and loves it. She would like nothing better than to live close as shedoesn’t like to drive anymore. I am going to send you an email about this.

  4. What a shame that you are not a believer. As a writer you could do so much good in this world to spread the word of Jesus Christ but instead you put that word down. I seldom visit your blog and now I don’t intend to again. Your stripes are clear. A pity. Lord have mercy on your soul.

  5. And one more thing. Your visiting the Cathedral in Covington and then writing a post like this which was disrespectful, ensures that you are lost to the devil. I do feel bad that you will burn in hell.

  6. GOOD GOD. People like Alice Marie scare me. If anybody is going to burn in hell it is her.

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