20 comments on “Fact

  1. There is nothing wrong with taking a nap in the afternoon. I do it almost everyday. It gives you back some more energy.

  2. VO5 shampoo? I had no idea they still made this. You are not doing your hair any favors by using that junk!

  3. Cheap beer usually tastes lousy, but cheap vodka doesn’t taste much different from pricier vodka–neither has much distinctive flavor.

  4. I don’t know about that, Tuck. Go get yourself a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. There’s nothing like it.

  5. Just for the hell of it I did a Google search on the best selling brand of Vodka in the USA. It’s Smirnoff.

  6. I bought a pint of cheap vodka a few nights back — I mean, really cheap, Potter’s, $3.50 — to remind myself what I thought I might be missing when I quit hard liquor cold turkey in 2008 after decades of nightly bourbon abuse (I still imbibe of beer and wine). What I was missing, apparently, and most unwanted, was the throbbing headache that awoke me at three o’clock in the morning. During the holidays, however, I will still, in strict moderation, partake of some spiked egg nog (brandy or bourbon) and a highball or two but I never keep the stuff around the house any longer.

  7. You know I’ve heard of Potter’s vodka but i don’t think you can buy it around here. Here we have Dark Eyes, around the same price. Jesus, it is ever awful.

  8. Yeah, this stuff is like charcoal filtered through kerosene; it’s a Russian import and popular with the substantive Armenian community here in L.A.

  9. Well, in little old Covington KY, we have the Dark Eyes stuff or Larry’s favorite Heaven Hill which has to be a Walgreens brand of vodka. Sorry Larry 🙂

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