31 comments on “Who is Rodger Jacobs?

  1. I should have a little money by the middle of the month so I will go to that fund me thing in the link and do what I can do. I don’t see how he can type with those hands. It must be very painful but I am glad he is keeping on keeping on.

  2. So is the “gofundme” site the same as Paypal? I’m in the dark ages on these transaction types. And perhaps unnecessarily hesitant. But there is a little “blood” in this turnip.

  3. Karen,

    I’ve done this “Go Fund Me” bit a few times. It’s aboveboard, all that. They want your name, email address and then on the next page will get your debit or credit card information and then you will get a receipt.

    I’m going to do this for Jacobs before the end of the year too. It’s true, bad things do happen to good people and he and his girlfriend seem like decent folks who deserve a little bit of a break.

    Thanks, Larry, you caring soul you!

  4. It seems to me, Rifle, that the only thing in this for Larry Gross is to take the time to write a blog post to help somebody else. Oh, what a selfish person he is.

  5. I don’t think Larry “wants” anything from us. All he did was make his readers aware of a wordsmith who’s having a hard time. For each of us, the takeaway is individual: awareness of another writer out there, sympathy, indifference, or wanting to help. That’s all.

  6. Did any of you watch parts 2 and 3 on You Tube? I’m guessing you did not. Go ahead and give this man money so he can buy beer and cigarettes with it. I for one am not falling for this.

  7. Rodger: Drink a beer. Smoke a cigarette. You’re human. You’re entitled.

    Brian: Bite me.

  8. Brian echoes a tired and tiring criticism of Rodger, who in that story package dared to present himself honestly instead of how the Brians of the world think “the new homeless” should be. As such, Brian also jumps quickly to the generalization that every dime he might’ve donated to Rodger gets spent on cigarettes and beer. It makes for an easy excuse to ascend indignantly to some sort of moral high ground and try to drag others there with them to look down upon Rodger and minimize his plight.

    It’s a long line of armchair arbiters to which Brian’s snapped to the front and I’m well past being amazed at how many people will use Rodger’s minor vices as some sort of evidence he’s not in need. Personally for all Rodger and Lela have been through, if the few dollars I’ve sent his way has gone to a six-pack or some smokes, who am I to judge? The help I provide doesn’t come with conditions.

  9. You wrote a damn interesting post here today. Normally, I would tell a guy to go out there and get a damn job. Fast food places are begging for people but clearly from watching the videos (there isn’t a part 4 Larry) this man simply cannot do it. Not with the hands and not with the cane.

    I don’t know his situation with food stamps or medical assistance but he needs to work the system the best way he can. As far as the cigarettes and beer, who the fuck cares?

  10. I’m pretty sure I know who this Brian jerk really is, seen him around in some of the bars downtown. He’s a conservative pretending to be a liberal to help get the ladies. It is true, true colors start to come through when the topic gets around to helping others. This is something lost on conservatives.

  11. Jack Rabbit, I’ve been receiving Social Security Disability and Medicare since 2002; I have to see my doctor once a month and I am currently on 20 prescription medications. Even with Medicare as a buffer, my medical co-pays have become my second largest monthly expense after rent. As for the SNAP program (food stamps) my uninterrupted three-year run ended a few months ago and I have applied for recertification here in L.A., where we finally relocated back to 14 months ago. I have an appointment in two weeks. But thanks to cuts in the program largely pushed through by the GOP I will most certainly not be receiving the $180 a month I was accustomed to.

  12. I’ve earmarked this post to go back to around the middle of the month. With rent paid and a car payment due, this is bad timing! I’ll catch Rodger on the flip side.

  13. Incidentally, as I recall the L.V. Sun only shot a three-part video, not four, which is why a fourth video cannot be located. Having spent several years of life in the 1990s working as a feature documentary writer and producer it was an interesting experience, to say the least, to become the subject of the photographer’s sometimes intrusive lens; and it was I who made the decision for the director (Katie Euphrat, who now works for PBS in San Diego) to film me purchasing cheap beer and cigarettes as an ironic answer to the dozens and dozens of hateful detractors in the comments at the Sun’s online version of the story (it was a front page print story first, which I penned). Unfortunately, the haters didn’t get the irony. I guess it was too subtle.

  14. Yeah, there was nowhere left for it to go, JR. Katie shot literally hundreds of hours of footage and could have made a great feature doc but, unfortunately, the LV Sun owns the footage and would not give their permission for her to do so. When the Sun approached me about writing the series and consenting to still and video photographers (which Lela was not pleased about and remains displeased) we were literally days away from eviction and desperately needed the money offered for me to write the stories. In retrospect, it was one of the worst professional decisions I ever made because all these years later “The New Homeless” remains very, very popular and is always in the first ten results on search engine runs on my by-line; believe me, I’ve written much better material in the first-person immersion journalism vein. On the other hand, I’ve met some wonderful strangers like Larry as a result of the story so there is a good trade-off in the mix. But I remain very bitter about the way the Sun’s editors threw Lela and I under the bus in a bid for controversy, which, of course, sells newspapers and buys eyeballs online.

  15. Hey, Rodger. After reading about you and Lela a couple years ago, I bought your book that you had recently written, and I think I even sent you $20 via Paypal. Today, I was just checking up on you two to see if you’re ok. I lost my job last July and have been unemployed since. I doubt I’ll find a job any time soon. God bless us all, as America seems to be falling apart.

  16. Jill, you did send money and I thank you. Gratitude also for buying the book. I hope you like it. I regret to inform you that Lela and I broke up in December after eight strife-filled years. And I had a medical emergency last Friday that had me hospitalized for 12 hours.

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