10 comments on “Loving Oprah

  1. She’s a great interviewer! I miss her daytime talk show so much. Nobody on the air now is as good as she was.

  2. Great interviewer, always asks the right questions and even if she doesn’t, one always gets the impression that she cares. What’s why Oprah has been successful.

  3. I do mostly believe that Oprah appeals to women. I watched her show a few times and could never see what the big deal was.

  4. Most of her favorites are overpriced and basically useless. Candle holders for $150? Body “milk” for $95? Take a shower, girl!! Ridiculous…

  5. It seems to me there are a lot of women out there who need Oprah to tell them what they like and how to be. She is not the begin or end all for everything. Her “favorite things” is a good example of that. Honestly, how many of you can afford that stuff? And a lot of it is crap!

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