7 comments on “Walgreens is Still Walgreens

  1. Don’t think I am going back to Walgreens. This constant pushing of candy bars on customers is annoying. This store needs some new management.

  2. I was in there yesterday. It is a new store but with the same lazy employees. There is no good reason why so many food items should be out of stock. My guess is they are NOT out of stock. The clerks have not gotten around to going to the stock room to refill the shelves!

  3. I go into Walgreen’s to get my perscriptions, not to buy food. I go into Kroger to buy food and not get perscriptions. Keeps life simple.

  4. I have gone in a couple times. With the store being a lot bigger but with the same customers (regulars you call them) the store is not that busy and looks empty. It will be interesting to see if the neighborhood can support a larger Walgreens. So far I don’t know.

  5. I don’t know how interesting you could make it, but you might be able to write a definitive history of Walgreen’s.

  6. Tuck, here’s a link to the history of Walgreens.


    The store has been in the press lately. It is known as one of the most overpriced drug stores in the country. With it now being so close to Kroger’s, you would be crazy to pay higher prices at that store. I seldom ever go into Walgreens.

  7. Walgreens is corporate America and this corporation could care less when they tell employees to tell you to “be well!” as they put their hands in your pockets to see how much money they can get out of you. I never go into this place. Maybe Kroger is corporate too but at least that company is not trying to rape you on prices. Yes, walk that extra distance and walk past Walgreens.

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