17 comments on ““When Harry Met Sally”

  1. “When Harry Met Sally” is a good movie, but when it comes to exploring relationships between men and women, no, it doesn’t come close to “Annie Hall.”

  2. I remember this movie and I don’t think I laughed even once when I was forced to watch it during a date many years ago. Typical light fare with a Hollywood ending. Not much of a fan of Woody Allen either but at least a few of his movies are realistic.

  3. As Tyler points out, the movie had a solid jazzy soundtrack and it gave Harry Connick a huge career boost. The soundtrack has probably held up better than the movie, but the flick is pretty good.

  4. I want to think Harry and Sally are still together and even more in love with their two children and living in Upstate New York. Sometimes I want a Hollywood ending.

  5. When this movie came out, I was a teenager dating a guy who wanted to make out during the movie. I was young and shameless and did more kissing than watching. I have tomorrow off, so I may also watch the movie then just to see what I missed so long ago.

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