10 comments on “Walking By Landwehr Hardware & Toys

  1. This is the place with the homemade signs in the window that say they will pay for your metered parking if you come into the store and then DON’T when you can’t find anything you want to buy. I do not go into that place anymore.

  2. I don’t go into this store because of the pushiness, but I do understand it as I don’t think they get that much business. I also don’t like the front of their sidewalk being all filled with junk they are trying to get rid of.

  3. Word of advise: when it applies, check the expiration date on what you are purchasing in this store. They keep inventory around for years.

  4. When I was a kid, this was a busy store, and I recall the owner as being fairly nice. Alas, like many locally owned businesses, it has been eaten alive, in this case by Lowe’s and Home Depot. A good independent hardware store is Latonia’s Klingenberg’s. They are friendly and carry most everything most people need at reasonable prices.

  5. Klingenberg’s is a wonderful store and the people in Landwehr aren’t bad people. I think they are constantly under pressure to make sales.

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