8 comments on “Let’s Go to the Library

  1. The Covington Branch is looking good but I don’t care much for the new entry way. It is too small!

  2. I agree that we are lucky to have a good library here in Covington but when I want to go to a big library I cross the river and go to downtown Cincinnati.

  3. I’ve loved all libraries since I first discovered I could check TWO books out of my elementary school library in first grade. I later enjoyed taking my kids who filled shopping bags with books, and now I enjoy the library more than ever. I can’t understand people who don’t use them, and I certainly don’t understand people like Tom “Tea Party” Wurtz, who basically wants to cut budgets/shut down libraries. Libraries are for everybody’s benefit, but like the proverbial horse to water, many people simply don’t know what they’re missing.

  4. I love tiny libraries like the one on Ludlow in Clifton. It’s tiny but there’s still a lot of words in there.

  5. Tea Party member Tom Wurtz wants to cut or shut down libraries because he has no use for them. He doesn’t know how to read.

  6. I usually find myself at the Cincinnati Downtown library and I’ll pick up enough books that will last me for the month. Yes, I DO check out books but I wonder how many really do that these days. I think the young people are mostly getting videos or CDs. I see mostly older people like myself looking over the books. Younger people would rather watch or listen than read and that’s a shame.

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