16 comments on “I’ll be Writing and Cooking on Thanksgiving Day—In that Order

  1. I remember that column you wrote about how to prepare a goose. I still smile when I think about it 🙂

  2. Hard for me to believe that the holiday season is here already. I don’t have to do the cooking anymore as my daughter will take care of that. That is one of the few pluses about getting older!

  3. You also have the option of shopping on Thanksgiving Day. A lot of stores are going to be open and you can bet this is going to be the new thing now. This is what we want Thanksgiving to be?

  4. No, Peaches, this is not how I want Thanksgiving to be. Having Black Friday is enough. Thanksgiving Day should not be about MONEY.

  5. Ladies, if you don’t want shops to be open on Thanksgiving, then don’t shop on that day. Send retailers a message! Just don’t roll over!

  6. All around bad advice, Gus. Before Gross takes his gun down by the river, he’s going to need a hunting license and then will need to find out if it’s goose hunting season.

  7. With all the stores jumping on the “Open on Thanksgiving” wagon, our last truly pure holiday is headed the way of the dodo bird, another thing Larry won’t be eating on Thanksgiving. I won’t step into a store that day or on” Black (should be green) Friday” either.

  8. The last pure holiday may be coming to an end but I won’t have any part of it. I’ll be giving thanks that I’m not caught up in all this bullshit and it is the same thing with black Friday. The holidays should not be about giving gifts and money. It should be about family and giving THANKS. We all need to get back to the basics!!

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