14 comments on “Five Years of This

  1. With this awful rainy weather I might go back and reread some of your old stories. Better than looking out the window at all that rain!

  2. Larry, you’re welcome. I was your occasional reader with CityBeat and became a regular when I discovered this blog. We have all benefitted as you continue to do what you love.

  3. I agree with Karen. I have always enjoyed your column in CityBeat and also your stories here. I never intended to get hooked on a blog but I do come here everyday to see what’s on your mind. I consider this a good habit!

  4. Besides my personal enjoyment, I regard this blog as a marketing tool. If Larry had not promoted his book here, I wouldn’t have bought it. If I administered a media pub, online or print, I’d check this blog out because it is the “real” Larry. Plus, our comments probably help him keep tabs on how our diverse little group responds to his wordsmithing. I think that might be called market research. Can’t report a precise profit/loss on this effort, but somehow, I know it is rewarding for all of us.

  5. I do believe a lot of what Larry writes here is a little bit of a testing ground for him and that’s O.K. with me. I don’t always “get” some of what he writes, but I find myself coming back for more. Sometimes it is just because I’m curious as that is next but most of the time it is out of enjoyment.

  6. I enjoyed your early City Beat efforts, and I like your blog, including the comments of the blog community. I certainly hope you keep up the good work. It keeps us all in touch with reality, and I don’t mean that in the sense of “reality tv.”

  7. I read your novel and enjoyed it along with what you do here and in CityBeat. The columns have gotten a little softer lately, a little more gentle and I’m liking them more. Mellow Larry is much more likeable.

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