14 comments on “A New Trend Here In Covington

  1. Oh this is nothing new at all. I’ve seen this for ages. You are wise not to get involved with it.

  2. This has happened to me also and like you I will turn over a buck or two if I have it. Besides when I grocery shop I want to do it alone. It is between me and that grocery cart I’m pushing!

  3. It seems to be that people on food stamps are probably the ones who need a drink the most! That can’t be a good time.

  4. Larry isn’t saying ALL Snap recipients but what he is saying does exist. I’ve been approached a few times myself and I get the situation. You can buy junk food but yet you can’t purchase mouthwash. You also can’t purchase beer but you can purchase soda pop which is just as bad for you. As Larry says it is not a perfect program.

  5. I am not as liberal as some of you on here but I understand the need for food stamps and I want to say this. The people that do this type of thing give the program a bad name. I agree with Gus that they should be reported. Get the persons name and turn them in!

  6. Hey Brian, how is a person going to get their name?

    “Please give me your name and address so I can turn you in to the Food Stamp office.”

    That ain’t gonna work.

  7. Any social program like this has holes and weak spots. These people are a small minority. Just say no and go about your business. Live and let live, and remember, nobody likes a rat.

  8. Same thing happens here in Cincinnati as well, just a few bad apples. Like you, I just say not interested.

  9. The Government has methods for citizens to report SNAP fraud. Google it. Perhaps it would help the people who are supposed to receive the benefits. The average age of a homeless person is NINE, and one-third of the hungry are children.

  10. Even if some people on food stamps are doing some dishonest things, I would never think of turning them in. I was approached once by a woman who wanted to buy me food with her card in exchange for some money. I would tell she was humiliated by it. Why would I want to make that humiliation worse?

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