12 comments on “I Enjoy Making Fun of Taylor Swift

  1. I would never, never, NEVER want to date a girl like Taylor Swift. Every problem would turn into a damn song and my life would be an open book, a SONGBOOK.

  2. She made $36 million in 2011. Was too lazy to look up much more. Guess she laughs melodically all the way to the bank.

  3. I like her music very much. Songwriters at least in part get their words from real life experiences so what she is doing is no different than the rest of them and if you want to pick on her because she knows how to make money then that’s your problem!

  4. She’s not just “..a bit of a sellout,” as you put it–she’s a pure sellout, a total product aimed at, I guess, young girls and women. And, as a product, she’s a great success; as an “artist,” less so. Most of her material won’t stand the test of time like that of the artists you mention, but her cash should last her a long, long time. Hope she finally finds the guy she’s been seeking.

  5. Sometimes when I start to like her songs I have to remind myself who I’m listening to and then I come to my senses.

  6. Really? Make fun of her? She has sold millions of CD’s and her concerts sell out in minutes. Could it be you are a little jealous of her?

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