6 comments on “Remembering the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

  1. I watched 48 Hours when this was on last week. Very well done, took me back to that sad time in our history.

  2. “I remember my mother peeling potatoes and watching Walter Cronkite.”

    . . . I love that line.

  3. I drove through Covington that day to get a haircut, the traffic much lighter than a typical Friday, the normally boisterous barbershop quiet . Everything seemed colorless, gray. The town still and subdued, the few people walking grim-faced, some with heads down. It was the beginning of a long, depressing weekend and the end of brighter times.

  4. My parents used to talk about this and how the world changed afterwards. I guess it is sort of how the world changed after 9/11.

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