12 comments on “Mark Flanigan, Smirnoff, Vaping, Writing, Walking, Alarm Clocks and Me

  1. I miss Mark’s columns in City Beat. Was he replaced by Kathy Wilson? That’s what I’m thinking. Mark’s columns were original. Kathy’s are like reruns from a decade ago.

  2. My old bones don’t like the winter weather either, Larry. If I had the money I would spend these months in Florida but here I am in Kentucky just like you.

  3. I know the Living Out Loud column is still being written for CityBeat’s web page, but I miss seeing it in the paper and miss the writing rotation which included Mark’s very witty essays. It seems like this “We, as Humans” column that now runs is a version of “LOL” but not as smart or as original as the one you started a decade ago. I guess it is out with the old and in with the new, but in my view, that decision has left the print edition less good.

  4. I haven’t picked up a City Beat newspaper or any kind of newspaper in years. I read everything online now. Why can’t Flanigan write his stuff there?

  5. More expensive vodka doesn’t get you any drunker than the cheap stuff. I’ll buy the cheap stuff.

  6. Flanigan sounds like the kind of friend/editor/sounding board every writer needs. And he brings vodka, too. What more could a writer ask? I remember his City Beat columns well and still try to pick up a copy every week.

  7. I miss Mark’s columns in the paper and it’s a good question: You write for CityBeat’s web page, why is’t he?

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