11 comments on “Will You Be Part of the Madness?

  1. Know you don’t watch TV, but when your post appeared, I was watching a series of “mall brawls.” Wonderful addition to the holiday traditions? Not for me.

  2. The CEO of Walmart was just on one of those morning shows talking about why so many people love that store. I don’t and I know many who never set foot in it. They treat their employees like shit, made alot of them work yesterday. Heartless.

  3. I’m not much of a shopper but I like the fact that some of the stores will now be open all night. I can get in and out quickly late at night with very little shopping madness.

  4. My girlfriend is out in that mess today. I think its a man vs. woman thing. Most men don’t like to shop.

  5. Jack Rabbit, I can tell you why people flock to Wal Mart. CHEAP PRICES. Nobody has any kind of money these days.

  6. I don’t enjoy shopping too much even when stores are almost deserted, much less having to literally fight through mobs of maniacal shoppers to do so. For a country claiming much economic hardship, it’s amazing to me how many actually fight and risk physical injury to spend their hard-earned money. I’ve never seen this as part of the holiday spirit, and now that Thanksgiving has been infected, it’s even worse. Happy holidays…

  7. I’m in agreement with Tuck. More and more I find myself saying “The good old days,” but indeed they actually were.

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