10 comments on “Social Media and Common Sense

  1. I believe that is the major problem with the young people we have today and that is the lack of commonsense. They need to be told what they should already know just as you said.

  2. When it comes to social media I have NEVER used my real time here or on Facebook or other sites where I comment or post. I would think this would be a given. Re: Common sense!

  3. Spencer, I am long retired so I don’t have to worry about bosses anymore! Besides, you are not getting my last name here.

  4. What I find amusing/disgusting/WTF is that people will reveal personal traits, body parts, and social hatred on a FB page under an assumed name. ANY connection posted on a page, with “likes” and mutual friends and newsfeeds makes it easy to trace the dotted lines to ID that person on the internet. I know too much about family already: one’s a coven member, another posed nude for a calendar; and yet another revealed it all on a camping trip. Yep, all defriended, but my respect for them is permanently damaged. Heaven help them if they’re looking for a job.

  5. I don’t do Facebook, don’t do Twitter or any thing else. I respond to this blog sometimes and a few others with a fake name. I realize in this world we live in it is very hard to remain anonymous but I’m giving it a shot.

  6. I’ve read this time and time again. The preponderance of social media and what people are posting will eventually lead EMPLOYERS to change what they look at in hiring practices long before people posting on social media will.

    To prove that, all you need to do is look at ANY college student’s social media posting. Every college student in America has or will eventually post something that SOME employer SOMEWHERE will think is “inappropriate.”

    I really do think that social media will eventually liberalize our mores.

  7. And you thought it was bad when employers were reading your emails. Now, they can follow you anywhere. Big brother or big sister is watching. Don’t get me started on the government.

  8. This blog is about as close to social media as I get. My real name will never be used and if Gross wants to share the information he receives through the administration of WordPress, so be it. He won’t be doing that, really, as he has no interest. He’s normal. So many others aren’t.

    My advice to anyone who cares, especially younger people is BEWARE. Making comments, being cute on Facebook OR Twitter could screw up your life for a long, long time until you wise up and/or learn things the hard way. The more I’m on it, the more I come to realize the internet is not your friend. Be old school and keep your feelings to yourselves. Someone said here that big brother is watching and that’s right. In fact, your every move. Eyes wide open.

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