21 comments on “Frankenstein Loses His Pants

  1. I always liked Mr. Potato Head but not the plastic heads they came with. I would always use real potatoes. Made it more fun.

  2. I never had that toy – but I remember it well. Because it shows up in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Early in the movie, the little boy Barry is awakened by a close encounter – all of his toys turn on and start running. The first one to turn on is the cymbal monkey. Then we see the Frankenstein toy losing it’s pants.

    Personally, I would love to have the cymbal monkey.

  3. My parents were too cheap to get me a real G.I. Joe doll. They got e a knockoff instead. G.I. Tony.

  4. I wanted one of those easy-bake ovens but my mother deemed it was too dangerous for a little girl. I’m 30 now so I will call her to see if she thinks I could handle it now!

  5. Mine came every year until my great aunt passed. Her annual selection of a beautiful clothing item from a Sioux City department store, i.e. a frilly nightgown, making me feel like a princess for a little while. The quality was so good they were passed on to my two younger sisters after I outgrew them.

  6. Like Karen, I also had an aunt who would purchase me nice nightgowns and I also had a grandmother who would purchase me nice dresses which she always let me pick out. Those days are gone now and I surely miss them.

  7. When I was a kid, no gift could top a red Radio Flyer wagon, even though my Mom thought the tongue was always going to cut my face wide open.

  8. I remember getting a sledge on Christmas. I must have six or seven. I got years of enjoyment out of it and I wish I still had it. Oh, the things you take for granted when you’re growing up.

  9. I’m more than a little surprised that no woman on here has mentioned getting great shoes for Christmas. That’s what I get my wife every year and that is what she always wants.

  10. I want a b.b. gun like that kid wanted in the movie. I’ll shoot my eye out. I’m too old to care now.

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