15 comments on “Do We Really Need or Want Another “Odd Couple?”

  1. Everyone will compare it to the old tv show which would be hard to top. I would certainly need some conviencing to watch!

  2. I enjoyed Matthew Perry on “Friends.” Didn’t everyone? I would give the show a chance.

  3. No need for this remake. It would be comparable to updating “All in The Family” for today’s audience. That wouldn’t work, and neither will this. Humor has changed drastically over the decades, and too many weak comedies already litter the programming air.

  4. I would agree with Tuck on this one. “All in The Family” was indeed class television and bringing this show back with a different cast would never work. I do remember a few years ago when CBS brought back reruns for the summer and it did very well in the ratings. A classic is a classic. Don’t tinker with them.

  5. Actually Perry has had THREE television series after “Friends.” You are forgetting “Studio 60.”

  6. Tuck, why did you say that out loud? An “All in the Family” reboot will soon be announced.
    I say no to an “Odd Couple” reboot.

  7. What? No new ideas in Hollywood, just recycled old ones? That’s why regular TV is the pits these days.

  8. True. However, if you go with the classic concept that there are only a certain number of basic ideas, that could account for the desire to remake past hits. One example, from the theater, “West Side Story” was a take on “Romeo and Juliet,” which was a take on the Greek myth of Pyramus and Thisbe. Or, more recently, “O Brother Where Art Thou?” being a retelling of Homer’s “Odyssey.” I don’t recall too many folks complaining that the Coen brothers ripped off the old blind poet. lol

    Hollywood could simply create a show with two leads sharing an apartment, one being a slob, the other being a neat freak. The problem that conventional Hollywood has is they lack the ability to create the story elements that would be new or fresh.

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