12 comments on “The World is a Quick Place These Days, Steve Martin

  1. I am glad you don’t know about this Phil Robertson. If I have to read one more article about this guy I think I will throw up.

  2. Of course, many Americans feel exactly the way same Phil Robertson feels about gays and black people. Many would call these traditional values. Now, suddenly, that isn’t a good way to be. I, for one, stand by Robertson.

  3. Yes the world is a quick place these days with the internet jumping on everything so I can forget about Steve Martin’s mistake but keep in mind this Phil Robertson made his remarks in a old fashioned MAGAZINE. There is a big difference here.

  4. You and I are friends on Facebook too so I know you have seen all those Duck Dynasty posts. Such overkill! Who cares about this guy? Apparently a bunch of people!

  5. All of this, Duck Dynasty and Steve Martin’s remark, is a tempest in a teapot. Real problems are plentiful enough without this trivial pc crap to worry about.

  6. I mostly don’t care about any of this either. I mean children are going hungry in this world. I care about that.

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